Laser Hair Restoration News

Here is some of the newer evidence (both scientific and news stories):

HairMax LaserComb clinical data published in a Peer Reviewed Medical Journal Oct 3, 2003.

LaserComb Device Stimulates New Hair Growth and Increases Hair Strength, According to a Report in International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetic Dermatology. This is the first time a clinical study has ever been published correlating Laser Phototherapy to hair growth. This is a 'Landmark Study' and was independently performed.

HairMax LaserComb becomes a Class 2 Medical Device by Health Canada January 14, 2003

The HairMax LaserComb, A Low Level Laser Device for hair received certification by the Canadian Government as a Class 2 Medical Device for claims and indications to the Canadian public to strengthen hair, prevent hair loss, and stimulate regrowth of scalp hair in men and women.

HairMax LaserComb in Clinical Trials to present scientific data to the F.D.A for additional claims. Sept 2002

The HairMax LaserComb, a hand-held laser device that promotes thicker, healthier hair is undergoing clinical trials The data collected will be submitted to the United States Food and Drug Administration in hopes of receiving market clearance for additional claims.

Lexington International Appoints Dr. Martin G. Unger, as Medical Director Nov 2001

Dr. Martin Unger is an acknowledged world authority on hair restoration and scalp surgery with 30 years' experience in the hair restoration field. Among Dr. Unger's responsibilities is overseeing an upcoming FDA clinical trial on the company's HairMax LaserComb. He will also be the company's primary spokesperson.

TIME Magazine, Inventions of the Year, December 4, 2000

HairMax LaserComb highlighted as one of the promising inventions of the year.

The Wall Street Journal, Beyond the Comb-Over, To Combat 'Bald Is Beautiful,' Hair-Loss Industry Pushes Alternatives to Plugs and Rugs. November 12, 2003.

Laser therapy is now offered by a growing number of hair-restoration surgeons in the U.S. Some physicians also claim results for the HairMax LaserComb. The LaserComb is sold for cosmetic benefits, such as making hair shinier and fuller, and Lexington is seeking FDA approval to market it as a hair-growth product.

FOX News New York. HairMax for you! November 4, 2003.

Feature story with Dr Steven Salvatore providing an overview of the HairMax LaserComb including patient testimonials and physician opinions.

NBC News WPTV Palm Beach. New Hope for Hair-LaserComb. November 6, 2003

Roxanne Stein interviewed Alan Bauman about his experiences and patient success with the HairMax LaserComb. Dr. Alan Bauman is a hair restoration specialist in Boca Raton, one of many using lasers in the battle against baldness. "Phototherapy is a brand new emerging treatment modality that promises excellent results for the vast majority of patients," he said.

WNBC News, Help Your Scalp, Hair See Light , May 7, 2003

Study: Laser Comb May Help with Hair. Researchers have been studying it for years to find out. Officials in Canada are convinced the laser hair comb works. Studies in that country have shown the device can be beneficial.

The National Hair Journal-US Edition, Canadians Approve Laser, Spring 2003

American Medical Review.

Hosted by Morley Safer (of 60 minutes notoriety).An inside look at the Medical Advancements improving the health and lives of individuals. The HairMax LaserComb was highlighted in one of their features.

Ripley's Believe It or Not, February 12, 2002

Ripley's highlighted the HairMax LaserComb in one of their segments and it received the 'Believe It' validation.

Global TV Canada, Losing hair? Consider laser, October 15, 2002

Dr. Martin Unger interviewed in Canadian National TV.

The Medical Post, The LaserComb Could Help Hair, Oct 15, 2002

Newspaper for Canadian Medical Professionals.

Five Star Productions (Health Video News Release, seen on National News across the USA): Low-Level Laser Therapy Helps Hair Growth. August 2002

Lasers have been used for vision correction, orthopedic surgery and a wide range of medical treatments. Now, there is a recent development in Low Level Laser Therapy that is allowing people dealing with problematic hair to use this technology at home.

NY Daily News- The Battle Of the Hair. July 16, 2001.

Promising new treatments may mean hairless pates will be a look of the past. The Laser Solution.

USA Today- Finally. Hair Care Treatment in a Healthy New Light. July 11, 2001.

More and more professionals specializing in hair care offer low-level laser treatment. It is safe, gentle and works on men and women. Now you can treat yourself at home with the unique LaserComb. And, instead of paying thousands of dollars for ongoing treatment, spend just hundreds with a one-time purchase.

Barbara Walters 'The View', April 27, 2001

Live demonstration of HairMax LaserComb as a 'Hot New Product'.

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