Virtual Reality

Technology comes to the rescue, Virtual Reality's has an undetectable "second skin," a porous membrane that looks like your scalp, feels like your scalp and holds hair just like your real scalp.

Virtual Reality looks great all day, every day.

Create Virtual Confidence

No matter what your hair looks like, we can match its color, texture and style with Virtual Reality. Thick, thin, curly, straight, light, dark,..whatever. The density and pattern look right.Check out our state of the art services

Affordable, comfortable, brushable, no bumps, no visible edge, no tape, no comb-overs, no worries! Virtual Reality has the touch and look of your own hair.

Finally, hair that's as smart as you are.

Check out our state of the art services

Women have always had more hair choices than men, but never anything like Virtuesse!

Hair loss in men and women is a devastating condition. Our mission at Hair Institute is to provide various undetectable alternatives that closely resemble the look, style and density of hair in each individual before hair loss occurred.

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The Hair Institute Staff are all fully licensed and undergo extensive hair replacement training including yearly continuing education classes. Our staff recognizes the importance of client confidentiality and strives to provide a relaxed, comfortable environment to all clients.